1. Tips for Improving Retail Security

    Most traders who own one or more retail stores where there are people, goods and money all the time, face the risk of theft, an action that requires a permanent prevention activity from the part of a responsible manager. Electronic anti-theft systems are already widely used, especially in retail, in…Read More

  2. Deciding Which Security Camera Works Best for Your Needs

    It goes without saying that video monitoring systems have become increasingly popular, regardless of whether they are installed for the supervision of a personal residence, a hospital or a construction site. Since the multitude and variety of video monitoring cameras can become overwhelming for any …Read More

  3. Different Ways to Prevent Theft at Your Small Business

    Theft can affect any business and can come from outside your business as well as from the inside. While theft cannot be entirely prevented – there will always be resourceful thieves who know how to grab an opportunity when they see it –, there are many ways to greatly reduce the risk of asset an…Read More

  4. Advantages of Investing in Small Business Security Systems

    Most small businesses benefit enormously from a video monitoring system, if they get exactly the level of quality they need, coupled with the best price. A small business typically has monitoring distances of up to 15 meters, with the possibility to cover employees, working area, storage area and pe…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Investing in a Small Business Security System

    If you own a small business, having a complex security system installed on your premises might seem a way too substantial investment. However, if you think of the benefits of having a suitably sized and designed system, you will see that the financial effort is surely worthwhile. Here are the advant…Read More

  6. How Monitoring Your Small Business May Help in The Workplace

    Camera surveillance is useful not only when it comes to deterring theft, burglary and vandalism by people from outside your firm, but also for improving work efficiency inside the company. According to the statistics and to the experiences of small business owners and managers, surveillance cameras …Read More

  7. How Surveillance Cameras Can Help Your Small Business

    Almost everyone knows that video surveillance means recording activities and events, but a modern video system can do much more than just storing information in the unfortunate event that it may be needed. Five years ago, most CCTV systems were used to prevent theft, violence or sabotage. More recen…Read More