1. How Does Facial Recognition Work?

    Facial recognition is an innovative solution for people's security and protection. Biometric technology for recognizing face features is basically an effective and accurate alternative to monitoring and authentication solutions that can be used in different areas. Facial Recognition is a type of bio…Read More

  2. Questions Commonly Asked About Security Cameras

    The importance of video surveillance in modern life is obvious, but finding the right security cameras may not be just as simple. Below you can find answers to commonly asked questions about security cameras to help you find a suitable system for you. What are the different types of cameras dependin…Read More

  3. daycare center security camera installation

    Security Cameras And Daycare

    Implementing security cameras in daycare facilities is the latest trend in education. It’s understandable because parents want to know that their children are safe and protected at all times. More and more incidents of violence, abuse, robberies and more, occurring in day care centers, have been p…Read More

  4. The-Benefits-of-Retail-Security-Cameras

    The Benefits of Retail Security Cameras

    Each year, retail stores lose thousands of dollars due to theft, damage, and fraudulent claims. Whether employees, thieves, or other third parties are responsible for these losses, without any evidence, there often is not much store owners can do. However, by using a comprehensive commercial surveil…Read More

  5. The-Benefits-of-Construction-Site-Surveillance

    The Benefits of Construction Site Surveillance

    One of the biggest concerns in the construction industry is construction site security. With theft and vandalism on the rise, and the need to ensure workers are working hard throughout the day, installing a video surveillance system on a construction site is essential. Security cameras are an effici…Read More