1. Trends in School Security

    The frequent incidents that have taken place in schools lately have amplified the need to install video surveillance systems. Most incidents are minor, such as theft of personal items or money, but bullying is a phenomenon that seems to grow wider and there are also more and more cases of violence a…Read More

  2. Tips for Identifying the Best Security Cameras for Your School

    Ensuring that students, the teachers, the other members of the school staff as well as the visitors to your school feel safe while on the premises is essential not only for the success of the educational process, but for your school’s reputation as well. The best way to achieve such safety and sec…Read More

  3. Increasing Child Safety with School Security Systems

    Security systems, especially the ones that include multiple subsystems, such as access control and fire alarms as well as emergency systems hold great benefits for schools. While ensuring security with security officers and locked doors can be efficient, the deployment of advanced school security ca…Read More

  4. Protecting Children with Daycare Camera Surveillance

    Daycare school security camera systems have many advantages, being almost an indispensable security measures nowadays, wherever childcare is involved (preschool, community etc.). Beneficiaries are children, parents, as well as daycare employees. With video recorded school security camera systems, pa…Read More