1. The Best Times to View Your Security Camera Footage

    ┬áIf you have a daycare camera surveillance camera system installed at your daycare location, it is a good idea to watch the footages periodically or whenever you think that the cameras have recorded something that requires your attention. Here are some more details about the best times to watch the…Read More

  2. How Surveillance Cameras Can Help Your Daycare Center

    There is perhaps no place where surveillance cameras are more useful than in child daycare centers. Even if the center has many adults who pay attention to every movement of the children, kids have a way of disappearing and getting involved in dangerous situations, therefore camera surveillance is e…Read More

  3. Why Surveillance Systems are a Must for Day Care Facilities

    With the increase of violence in daycare facilities, directed against students and teachers alike, finding ways to stop it has become a priority; therefore, the demand for video surveillance equipment increased proportionally. Video surveillance systems have now become indispensable, the recorded im…Read More