1. How to Improve Safety and Security at a Construction Site

    While construction site safety is known to be an important topic to discuss for any construction company, the issue of security is not always seen as important to the very same extent. Some companies, of course, will take security very seriously, and so they also get better results – both when it …Read More

  2. Protecting Your Construction Employees with Surveillance Systems

    A construction site is a rather crowded place where people come and go all day and sometimes all night. A video surveillance system is an easy way for a manager to motivate workers to work longer, especially because of the pressure of the clients. Everyone wants to finish a construction quickly and …Read More

  3. Should You Hide Your Commercial Surveillance Cameras?

    The decision to hide or to advertise your security cameras depends on many factors – having visible cameras around come with just as many benefits as having cameras disguised or hidden and creating the illusion that someone might be watching from the shadows all the time, even if that someone is i…Read More