1. How Can a Construction Site Prevent Theft Most Effectively

    In a lot of places – especially in developing countries – construction sites are typically left unsupervised and the larger equipment and materials are just left there during the night, without anyone or anything to ensure that they won’t be stolen. Of course, a simple fence will typically be …Read More

  2. Security Checklist for Your Construction Site

    Construction sites are places where there are lots of valuable assets stored, where high-capacity machines are being operated and where multiple teams are performing complex activities – in other words, construction sites are places where security rules are essential for problem-free operation. He…Read More

  3. How Cameras Can Help on Your Mobile Construction Site

    A video surveillance system for mobile construction sites is composed of industrial equipment that works under any weather conditions, extreme temperatures, -30 ° C ~ + 60 ° C, rain, wind, etc. It is designed to transmit live images 24h/ 24h and record events both by day and by night. The concept …Read More

  4. How Surveillance Systems Are Beneficial For Construction Sites

    Construction sites are busy places with a lot going on, with lot of people moving around, doing their jobs, with expensive machinery being operated to perform various project phases and high volumes of valuable construction materials being delivered and incorporated into the buildings under construc…Read More