1. Visual Surveillance Security Trends in 2020

    The video surveillance industry has undergone many transformations in the past decade. A simple CCTV camera is no longer enough, as the possibilities and needs of the customers have undergone countless changes. In 2020, you may see some changes in commercial security camera systems trends. By 2020, …Read More

  2. Why Hotel Security Systems are Popular

    Managers of hotels, hostels, boarding houses etc. should have in the list of their priorities the installation of a video surveillance system, in order to guarantee the smooth running of their activity and of course the safety of the clients and employees alike. Video surveillance systems are mandat…Read More

  3. Why Surveillance Systems Are Crucial for Office Buildings

    Office buildings are equipped with lots of assets to protect – there are valuable computers, safes that contain irreplaceable documents and valuables and there are lots of others that need to be handled with care and protected. While human security guards are important and having them walk the pre…Read More

  4. Signs You Might Need a Surveillance System for Your Business

    It is time to think about a surveillance system for your business when you want to protect it and also to keep an eye on what's going on, even when you are away. Significant progress has been made in the surveillance technology to help business owners increase security. Commercial security camera sy…Read More

  5. Why do Commercial Properties Need Security Cameras?

    The basic idea behind ​​any business is to make a profit. By installing modern video surveillance systems, commercial properties gain some significant benefits. Eliminating unsubstantiated customer complaints. You surely have met those customers who claim to have paid for the products when in fa…Read More