8 camera kits for a great price – BELOW COST

Kits include: 8 color cameras and NVR (network video recorder) with power supply for powering cameras. The
cameras are 2.0MP HD 1080P, metal housing, IR for night vision (B&W), 3.6mm lens, easy mounting at any angle
of view. Rated for outdoor use IP66.

This system is very easy to install! Run your cable to the cameras from the NVR location, terminate CAT5 cable
and plug into NVR and cameras will populate in the menu.

You supply the ethernet cable (CAT5 solid copper) for your cable runs. Do not exceed 330’ ft. and buy the hard
drive for how much video recording you need. Visual Security can help you with purchasing these items Cash and carry $299.00 warranty 90 days.

Installation available. If we install all equipment warranty is 6 months.