With the increase of violence in daycare facilities, directed against students and teachers alike, finding ways to stop it has become a priority; therefore, the demand for video surveillance equipment increased proportionally. Video surveillance systems have now become indispensable, the recorded image being sometimes the only evidence of an incident.

Benefits of installing a daycare camera surveillance video system in day care facilities:

  • Enhancing the safety of students and teaching staff
  • Restricting access to school premises
  • Increasing control over entry and exit from the perimeter of the daycare institution
  • Eliminating potential material losses caused by unforeseen events
  • Preventing potential acts of violence

daycare camera surveillance video system Important aspects to keep in mind

  • Identifying potentially problematic areas – these will include the perimeter of the building, the institution`s park and the areas where people usually gather together, such as corridors, playgrounds, canteen areas and private study rooms.
  • Applying the right solutions-one of the most effective solutions is installing video surveillance cameras in different areas of the daycare facility, to combat violent and antisocial behavior.
  • Correct placement of the CCTV system – this will ensure the proper and efficient operation of surveillance cameras, help deter violence and also provide useful information for investigating the causes of incidents.