1. Trends in School Security

    The frequent incidents that have taken place in schools lately have amplified the need to install video surveillance systems. Most incidents are minor, such as theft of personal items or money, but bullying is a phenomenon that seems to grow wider and there are also more and more cases of violence a…Read More

  2. What Do Parents Typically Look for When Deciding on Daycares?

    There are lots of different types of childcare options, and if you did some research on just a few of them, you’ll know that childcare doesn’t have to be just a regular institutional facility that is typically cold and emotionless, and where your kids wouldn’t have much fun. These days, the be…Read More

  3. How Security Cameras Can Help Protect School Children

    The safety of the kids at school is among the primary concerns of parents, teachers, school administrators and safety officers and security camera systems have long been known to be among the most efficient devices to maintain safety and order in institutions of educations. Here is how and why secur…Read More

  4. Helping Children Feel Safe at School with Surveillance Systems

    The schools that install surveillance systems on their floors and in their rooms will benefit from the double advantage of making the premises safer and of making the kids as well as their parents feel safer as well. While the presence of security officers is also known to increase safety as well as…Read More

  5. Why Surveillance Cameras Are Necessary for School Security

    Surveillance camera systems are the best way to ensure safety and to deter illicit activities and aggression on any ground, especially in places used by a lot of people all the time. Whether or not video surveillance is suitable for schools is debated widely, but we consider it the best security sol…Read More

  6. Why Surveillance Cameras in Schools are Necessary

    We know only too well that in school bad things can happen, just like in other locations. We often watch news about all kind of incidents in schools, from vandalism and drug use, to physical violence, sometimes involving weapons. In this context, the importance of surveillance cameras in schools is …Read More

  7. Why are Surveillance Cameras Necessary for Schools

    Unfortunately, even in schools, bad things can happen, from vandalism to drug use and even actions of physical violence.  As a manager, if you do nothing to prevent such events, you may have problems with parents, students, authorities and the media. A surveillance system installed in a school can …Read More