1. Benefits of Small Business Security Systems

    Most small businesses benefit greatly from a security monitoring system tailored to its size and activity. Small businesses typically have monitoring requirements of up to 15 meters, with the need for the best coverage of the employees, working area, storage area and people who pass through. Whether…Read More

  2. Tips for Improving Retail Security

    Most traders who own one or more retail stores where there are people, goods and money all the time, face the risk of theft, an action that requires a permanent prevention activity from the part of a responsible manager. Electronic anti-theft systems are already widely used, especially in retail, in…Read More

  3. Can Surveillance Cameras Improve My Business

    A successful business can depend on a lot of factors, and keeping it secure is one of the most important. You need to protect it from both external and internal threats, so nowadays business surveillance should be a priority. Here is how Visual Security surveillance cameras can improve your business…Read More

  4. What Are the Most Effective Loss Control Tips for Retail Stores?

    When it comes to running a store, loss control is one of the most important things you’ll have to focus on. Loss control will keep you on track with your profits and prevent you from losing items when you could have prevented that loss. For that purpose, here are a few quick tips to get you starte…Read More

  5. Protecting Your Small Business with a Security System

    If you have a small business, such as a bar or a store, you can benefit greatly from a surveillance system. Obviously, it has to be suitable for what you need, offer you quality and efficiency and be budget-friendly. In general, you must be able to supervise your employees, the working area, the pla…Read More

  6. Different Ways to Prevent Theft at Your Small Business

    Theft can affect any business and can come from outside your business as well as from the inside. While theft cannot be entirely prevented – there will always be resourceful thieves who know how to grab an opportunity when they see it –, there are many ways to greatly reduce the risk of asset an…Read More