1. Items to Include on Your Business Security System Checklist

    Business security systems are complex networks of sophisticated, interconnected devices and as any complex network, these security systems also need regular maintenance to be able to function properly. Here are some of the tasks that should be included into your security checklist – some of the ta…Read More

  2. Advantages of Investing in Small Business Security Systems

    Most small businesses benefit enormously from a video monitoring system, if they get exactly the level of quality they need, coupled with the best price. A small business typically has monitoring distances of up to 15 meters, with the possibility to cover employees, working area, storage area and pe…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Investing in a Small Business Security System

    If you own a small business, having a complex security system installed on your premises might seem a way too substantial investment. However, if you think of the benefits of having a suitably sized and designed system, you will see that the financial effort is surely worthwhile. Here are the advant…Read More

  4. How Monitoring Your Small Business May Help in The Workplace

    Camera surveillance is useful not only when it comes to deterring theft, burglary and vandalism by people from outside your firm, but also for improving work efficiency inside the company. According to the statistics and to the experiences of small business owners and managers, surveillance cameras …Read More

  5. Why Surveillance Systems Are Crucial for Office Buildings

    Office buildings are equipped with lots of assets to protect – there are valuable computers, safes that contain irreplaceable documents and valuables and there are lots of others that need to be handled with care and protected. While human security guards are important and having them walk the pre…Read More

  6. How Does Facial Recognition Work?

    Facial recognition is an innovative solution for people's security and protection. Biometric technology for recognizing face features is basically an effective and accurate alternative to monitoring and authentication solutions that can be used in different areas. Facial Recognition is a type of bio…Read More

  7. How Security Systems Can Help Your Business During the Holidays

    Many businesses are closed during the holidays but security should still be your priority. Installing security systems can be costly, but if you do not opt ​​for one of these, the damage can cost you much more.   In the last decades, security systems have evolved significantly. Today, they do m…Read More

  8. How Monitoring Your Business in Real Time can Help in the Workplace

    Any business, any enterprise, any group activity in general is a complex process. When we imagine for a moment that a business or enterprise works just like the human organism it becomes clear why and how monitoring it can help. If I don’t monitor my health and take care of myself, I will not be a…Read More

  9. Why do Commercial Properties Need Security Cameras?

    The basic idea behind ​​any business is to make a profit. By installing modern video surveillance systems, commercial properties gain some significant benefits. Eliminating unsubstantiated customer complaints. You surely have met those customers who claim to have paid for the products when in fa…Read More