1. How Does Facial Recognition Work?

    Facial recognition is an innovative solution for people's security and protection. Biometric technology for recognizing face features is basically an effective and accurate alternative to monitoring and authentication solutions that can be used in different areas. Facial Recognition is a type of bio…Read More

  2. Signs You Might Need a Surveillance System for Your Business

    It is time to think about a surveillance system for your business when you want to protect it and also to keep an eye on what's going on, even when you are away. Significant progress has been made in the surveillance technology to help business owners increase security. Commercial security camera sy…Read More

  3. Why Ranch Security Systems are Important

    Commercial stores or farms, warehouses or data centers, greenhouses or hotels, homes or offices, holiday homes or children's rooms – these are only some of the places that can be kept under observation with a security system. Surveillance security systems can be personalized so that your business …Read More

  4. Innovations in Surveillance Systems 2019

    The last few years have seen many innovations in the field of video surveillance, one of the most important being the apparition of thermal imaging cameras. The technology behind security camera installation in Colorado offers superior image quality even under the most difficult conditions involving…Read More

  5. How Security Systems Can Help Your Business During the Holidays

    Many businesses are closed during the holidays but security should still be your priority. Installing security systems can be costly, but if you do not opt ​​for one of these, the damage can cost you much more.   In the last decades, security systems have evolved significantly. Today, they do m…Read More

  6. Why Surveillance Systems are a Must for Day Care Facilities

    With the increase of violence in daycare facilities, directed against students and teachers alike, finding ways to stop it has become a priority; therefore, the demand for video surveillance equipment increased proportionally. Video surveillance systems have now become indispensable, the recorded im…Read More