1. The Best Times to View Your Security Camera Footage

     If you have a daycare camera surveillance camera system installed at your daycare location, it is a good idea to watch the footages periodically or whenever you think that the cameras have recorded something that requires your attention. Here are some more details about the best times to watch the…Read More

  2. New Technology for Surveillance Systems

    Surveillance technology has been driven by innovation and there are lots of new solutions for ranch security systems that have already been developed to the fullest and are gradually becoming available to anyone looking for an efficient surveillance network. Here are some of the greatest new achieve…Read More

  3. Items to Include on Your Business Security System Checklist

    Business security systems are complex networks of sophisticated, interconnected devices and as any complex network, these security systems also need regular maintenance to be able to function properly. Here are some of the tasks that should be included into your security checklist – some of the ta…Read More

  4. Do People Act Differently When They See Surveillance Cameras?

      The benefits of surveillance cameras are known to go way beyond recording events that take place in front of the cameras – they also have a very important deterrent effect, convincing people of criminal intent approaching the property or already on the premises that they should not attempt any …Read More

  5. Questions to Ask Your Security Camera System Company

    Finding the best retail store security cameras is not easy – there are plenty of providers on the market, each of them advertising their services as being the best, so to be able to identify the candidate that is, indeed, the best, you need lots of information about the company and you need to kno…Read More

  6. How Cameras Can Help on Your Mobile Construction Site

    A video surveillance system for mobile construction sites is composed of industrial equipment that works under any weather conditions, extreme temperatures, -30 ° C ~ + 60 ° C, rain, wind, etc. It is designed to transmit live images 24h/ 24h and record events both by day and by night. The concept …Read More

  7. Advantages of Investing in Small Business Security Systems

    Most small businesses benefit enormously from a video monitoring system, if they get exactly the level of quality they need, coupled with the best price. A small business typically has monitoring distances of up to 15 meters, with the possibility to cover employees, working area, storage area and pe…Read More

  8. Why Hotel Security Systems are Popular

    Managers of hotels, hostels, boarding houses etc. should have in the list of their priorities the installation of a video surveillance system, in order to guarantee the smooth running of their activity and of course the safety of the clients and employees alike. Video surveillance systems are mandat…Read More

  9. Protecting Your Construction Employees with Surveillance Systems

    A construction site is a rather crowded place where people come and go all day and sometimes all night. A video surveillance system is an easy way for a manager to motivate workers to work longer, especially because of the pressure of the clients. Everyone wants to finish a construction quickly and …Read More